Facebook will win in mobile when…

There has been a lot of press about facebook in the last few days. Especially with their recent earnings announcement pointing to their growing “problem” with mobile. Problem? What problem you say? Sure, my facebook app moves a little slowly on my iphone, but seems not to be a problem, right?

facebook marketing fail

Why am I getting diaper ads on facebook mobile?

The problem is monetization. How to get more revenue from the fact that more than a third of facebook’s traffic comes from mobile devices. For me, it all comes down to one thing. Better segmentation must be made available to advertisers, drawn from the vast data available to facebook on their user’s behavior and their explicitly stated data.

Case in point: Alice.com, a well regarded up and comer in the ecommerce space, sells grocery items. They want to build loyal followers and customers, and they are using social media to advance their agenda. Good for them. Do you imagine then that they’d mean to pay to have their offers misdirected if they could avoid it? Basic direct marketing 101 suggests that smart segmentation of your offers makes for better marketing performance. Then, why, on my mobile device, am I receiving offers for diapers? Shouldn’t Alice.com be given better insights into my potential buying behavior by the facebook marketing team? Wouldn’t they like to know that Bill Hewson isn’t their best segment for diaper purchases? Wouldn’t they rather pitch me on dog food or shampoo, or anything else they I would be likely to buy base on data that facebook already has on me? Of course they would.

As soon as facebook can offer smarter segmentation for their advertisers, facebook won’t have a mobile “problem” anymore.


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