Next! 2013 punditry you can draw on

We hate next year punditry. OK, so here’s ours anyway: Love em, hate em, but believe em. The New Year’s spirit is telling us it’s all true, plus the Moleskine never lies.

happy new year and peace.

2013 in 2012

ps – so? who has time for PPT & graphics? draw your own.

pps – i hope you have a minute or two leftover to respond with your thoughts in the comments section.


8 thoughts on “Next! 2013 punditry you can draw on

    • +1 Jeff, they are really becoming second nature for me, an analog partner to my iphone, always with me, capturing all things biz or personal that i can figure out better with a pen. You know you have a couple!

  1. Bill, I love that your digital insights are written on Moleskine and then

    I am sure you know that smart bands already know that money is made “at the door” (studio recordings are given away for free as downloads) and that band/genre based communities are key for driving momentum and growth… for sales of tickets and soft goods and apparel… I’d invite you to take a look at Pretty Lights for an example of this done well…

    Android vs. iOS leaves me with the same lame feeling as the iPad vs. Surface contest – someone on the non-iOS side needs to wake up and pay attention…. I mean, really……

    good things in 2013!

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