My Story as a Start Up Failure (so far!) in the Marijuana economy.


It all started in Detroit.

I met a guy who joked he was going to buy a marijuana dispensary with his bonus.

He gave me an idea I had never considered before.

I approached the possibilities with the intensive curiosity of my strategic training.

I pursued it relentlessly.

I got help and encouragement from lots of past colleagues, mentors and new connections.

I uncovered strategic insight > For the truly ill, obtaining one’s medication with dignity is the worst part of this medicine’s use.

I met lots of smart, driven, interesting people in the MMJ (Medical Marijuana) space.

I was clear-eyed and merciless in my decision-making at times.

I developed a killer brand identity idea.


I got nervous due to the subject matter of my pursuit.

I was unduly vague when describing my plans to potential partners outside the MMJ space.

I had trouble making solo decisions regarding product development focus.

I ran into roadblocks.

I over-estimated my network’s ability and willingness to help me merely for future potential.

I told my mom and my kids I was working on an idea to sell marijuana (profitably! legally!)

I found out a lot about being a start-up entrepreneur.

I got frustrated. A lot.

I got much smarter about how business really works.

I learned how to use lots of new software like Premiere Pro and LucidCharts.

I proved to myself that I’m a damn good UX designer, even if self-taught.

I proved to myself that I’m a pretty terrible visual designer, even if self-taught.

I got very knowledgeable about marijuana in general and the medical and recreational marijuana economy.

I practiced my social media skills to positive results. (@kindgrasshopper)

I learned a lot about myself, as a professional and more importantly as a person.

I put the whole damn thing on hold considering my savings depletion.

Bottom line: It has been worth every minute.

See the artifact: (a terrible URL now that I recognize how most folks “start” in their teens, a really risky idea and one I don’t support)

What’s next? We’ll see. :)